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Roto Molding of Surpass HDPE Chemical Tanks for the Medical Industry

A customer in the Medical and Dental Industry approached Rhino, Inc. in need of roto-molding of a surpass HDPE chemical tank. The tank would be used as a component in a cleaning machine which would chemically sanitize surgical and dental tools. We worked closely with the client to fulfill all requirements and expectations. Our in-house Design Engineer and Operations Manager advised which modifications were necessary to ensure consistent part manufacturing.

We expertly performed roto-molding and mold manufacturing. The manufacturing process involved CNC machining of the aluminum mold in our tooling shop, American Roto Tool. Additionally, we cut and fit three components from a single part to reduce costs.

The material used for the tank was Surpass HDPE. The product, finished with 33 shot peen, was 16.375 inches long, 26.85 inches high, and 19.691 inches wide. It weighed 7 pounds. The temperature range during production was ambient to continuous 150°F. 



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Project Highlights for Roto Molding of Surpass HDPE Chemical Tanks

Product Description This Roto-Molded Chemical Tank is used as a component in a cleaning machine to chemically sanitize surgical and dental tools.
Capabilities Applied / Processes / Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Roto Molding
Mold Manufacturing
  • CNC Machine Aluminum Mold in Rhino's Tooling Shop - American Roto Tool (ART)
Secondary Operations
  • Trim Flashing
  • Cut and Fit 3 Components from a Single raw Part


Ferry 400 Oven

Custom Thread Molder

Hand-Held Trimming Tool

Overall Part Dimensions Length: 16.375"
Width: 19.691"
Height: 26.850"
Temperature Range Ambient to Continuous 150 Degrees F.
Material Used Surpass HDPE
Material Finish 330 Shot Peen
Color Light Gray
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed Visual Inspection for Consistent Material Flow

Water Leak Test

Estimated Part Weight 7 Lbs
Industry for Use Medical 


Standards Met Customer Supplied Cad Drawing
Product Name Medical / Dental Chemical Tank

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