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Roto Molding of Poly-Vinyl Seat Bellows for the Trucking Industry

A client specializing in high-end air ride seats for the Trucking Industry was in need of a flexible seat bellow to encompass the bottom of their seating systems. After consulting Rhino, Inc., it was determined a poly-vinyl compound would best meet the functional specification of the part while still delivering the performance characteristics the client was seeking.. The process involved the manufacturing of a CNC machined aluminum mold that would mold the part in such a way that the accordion type flexibility would be sustained. Post mold finishing of the part included flash trimming and cutouts for attachment and assembly, requiring no secondary operations from the client.

The part measured 19.25 inches long, 9.94 inches high, and 17 inches wide. It weighed 4.5 pounds at completion. 

Special features included bellows rib design, allowing for easy shape fluctuation for the air shock movement. Upon completion, the product was thoroughly inspected to ensure consistent material dispersion throughout the ribs and a consistent material finish



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Project Highlights for Roto Molding of Poly-Vinyl Seat Bellows

Product Description These Roto-Molded Seat Bellows are used within the underside housing for a high-end air ride tractor trailer driver and passenger seats.
Capabilities Applied / Processes / Equipment Used To Manufacture Part: Roto-Molding
Mold Manufacturing
  • CNC Machine Aluminum Mold in Rhino's Tooling Shop -American Roto Tool
Secondary Operations
  • Trim Flashing
  • Cut Mounting Holes


H-100 Hurricane Shuttle Oven

Hand-Held Trimming Tool

Custom Trim Fixture

Overall Part Dimensions Length: 19.25"
Width: 17.0"
Height: 9.94"

Material Used Poly-Vinyl
Component Finish Glass Bead
Color Black, Glass Bead Finish
Special Features Bellows Rib Design and Material Properties
  • Allows for Easy Shape Fluctuation for Air Shock Absorption
In-Process Testing / Inspection Performed Visual inspection:
  • Consistent Material Thickness Throughout Ribs
  • Consistent Material Finish
Estimated Part Weight 4.5 lbs
Industry for Use Trucking
Product Name Seat Bellows
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