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Roto-Molding of Systems Enclosure for Water Reclamation Industry

A client from the Water Reclamation Industry approached us to aid in design and manufacture of a self-contained enclosure to house thier proprietary system technology.  The product was to be a conversion from sheet metal to improve aesthetics and also eliminate corrosion isssues from the metal based model. 

Our Design and Production Teams assisted the client's Designers and Engineers to create a model that met all of their technical and design requirements while still being optimized for the rotational molding process.  Once design was finalized, tooling was initiated and determined to be a mix of CNC components and fabricated surfaces. 

Upon tool completion, Rhino moved directly into the first article stage to demonstrate conformance to critical dimensions and final fit-up with the key components necessary to incorporate into the housing.  After completing the certifcation process, Rhino created a standard operating procedure to ensure consistent assembly and in-line certification of critical dimensions for ongoing production.

The housing is 18 inches long, 34 inches high, 37 inches wide and weighs approximately 40 Lbs.  Critical dimensions and attachment points.  Material used for the housing mold is LLDPE.  Addtional assembly components include hinged door system, locking clasps, gasket and polycarbonate viewing panel.

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Rotational Molding of LLDPE Control Systems Enclosure - Project Details

Product Description Rotational Molded Control Systems Enclosure
Capabilities Applied/Processes Roto-Molding
Mold Manufacturing
  • CNC Machine Aluminum Mold in Rhino's Tooling Shop -American Roto Tool (ART)


Secondary Operations
  • Trim Flashing
  • Component Door Assembly
  • PlexiGlass Installation
Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 18"
Width: 37 

Height: 34"

Temperature Range Ambient to Inconsistent Peaks Reaching 130°F
Material Used LLDPE
Component Finish Interior Cavity: Mill Finish
Exterior: 330 Shot Peen
Color Pantone Specified Gray
Equipment Used

Hurricane Shuttle H-100

Hand-Held Trimming Tool

In-Process Testing / Inspection Performed

Validation of Critical Inserts & Verification to Print

Estimated Part Weight Finished part - 40 Lbs
Industry for Use Industrial Water Neutralization
Product Name Equipment / Control Enclosure