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Rotational Molding of MDPE Sailboat Hull for the Nautical Industry

A client in the Nautical Industry approached Rhino, Inc. in need of a rotationally molded sailboat hull and outriggers. The hull and outriggers would be key components of a high performance recreational sailboat. In addition to part production, Rhino performed mold maintenance upon receipt of the tool to correct some manufacturing issues that had plagued the former molder. Secondary operations included post mold trimming, hatch trim and fit-up, and cleat/accessory assembly. Special features incorporated were a molded in aluminum outrigger and rudder sleeves and multi-color mold-in graphics.

The hull is 192 inches long, 40 inches high, 24 inches wide and weighs 100 pounds. The material used is medium density linear polyethylene. The deck features a high-texture finish (applied for an anti-slip foothold)  and the hull is hand polished providing a smooth as glass surface, eliminating unnecessary drag.

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Rotational Molding of MDPE Sailboat Hull - Project Details

Product Description This Rotational Molded Sailboat Hull is a key component of a recreational sailboat which is used in a resort-style application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Rotational Molding
Mold Maintenance
  • Cast mold was provided by customer
  • Rhino has performed mold modifications and mold surface and parting line maintenance since receiving the tool
Secondary Operations
  • Cut hatch opening
  • Trim Flashing
  • Fit Bolt-On Cleats/Accessories
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Ferry 550 Oven
Hand-Held trimming tool
Router with cutting fixtures
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 192"
Width: 24"
Height: 40"
Material Used    Medium Density Linear Polyethylene
Component Finish Deck Side:  High Texture

Hull SIde:  Hand-Polished

Color    White, Yellow, Blue
Special Features In-Molded Aluminum Outrigger and Rudder Sleeves

Multi-Colored Mold-In Graphic

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed Parting Line Void Inspection
Estimated Part Weight 100 Lbs
Industry for Use Recreational, Nautical
Standards Met Customer Supplied CAD Drawing
Product Name MDPE Sailboat Hull

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