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Mold Design and Manufacturing (Tooling) - American Roto Tool (ART)

Speed Up Your Product Development Process by Eliminating Non-Value Added Steps: 

Sister company to Rhino and located on the same premise, American Roto Tool (ART) prides itself on turning around projects quickly while getting it right the first time.  By eliminating the model and casting phase (Cast Molding) , ART can move directly into Milling your tool utilizing one of five state-of-the-art CNC Milling Machines. This means acceleratiion of your project from CAD designs directly to production molds within days or weeks (dependant on the size and complexity of the mold).  The CNC Milling process also allows for far better detail on the interior finish, laser accurate parting lines and superior part tolerances.  Bottom line, a much better mold in far less time.

Extended Mold Life | Competitive Pricing:

We begin with virgin aluminum and shape the mold directly into the block.  In other processes (Cast Molding), the metal is melted down (again) leaving the aluminum (and ultimately the mold) far more susceptible to material contamination, voids and porosity.  These three issues directly affect the quality of the part and longevity of the tool.   With American Roto Tool's CNC Milling and Tool Fabrication processes,  you maximize your investment by extending the life of the mold while minimizing costly re-builds and repairs that go hand in hand with other processes.

With our process of eliminating unneeded and labor intensive steps from your project, American Roto Tool remains competitive and ultimately more affordable than other tooling methods.

ART Services Include:  CNC Machining | Complete Mold Repair | Complete Mold Maintenance | Mold Revisions | Expert Design Guidance | Competitive Lead Times | Competitive Pricing



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Mold Design and Manufacturing- Capabilities

General Capabilities CAD Modeling (2-D, 3-D)
Prototype Tooling
Prototype Parts
Production Tooling
Tool History Documentation
Technical Support
Intended Application for Mold Making Rotational Molding (ROTO MOLDING)
Industry Standards AS-Compliant - Aerospace Industry Standard
ISO-Compliant - International Organization for Standardization
Mil-Spec-Compliant - Military Specifications
Mold Material Applications Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Production Volume Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
Small Run
Machine Capabilities
2 in
17 ft
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