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CNC Machining of Aluminum Solution Tank Rotational Molding Tool

A client in the Manufacturing Industry approached Rhino, Inc. in need of a CNC machined aluminum mold, which was to be used in the rotational molding process. The mold would be mounted on a Ferry machine arm.

Our skilled Team designed the product using SolidWorks software. Using input from our Design Engineer and Operations Manager, along with analysis of the parting line position, we created a plan optimizing the mold's ability while minimizing tool pieces. After designing the part, we applied CNC machining, then welded the components together.

The mold was made of aluminum finished with 330 shot peen with a tongue and groove parting line. It weighed 800 pounds, and the overall dimension of the framing material was 1¼ inch square cold steel tubing. 

The aluminum mold had several special features including a large amount of varying geometries, 47 insert locations and was a 5-piece tool. Full inspection involved ensuring the parting lines "clayed" to be sure all mating surfaces had a snug fit.


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Project Highlights for CNC Machining of Aluminum Solution Tank Rotational Molding Tool

Product Description This CNC machined Aluminum Mold is used in the Rotational Molding process. It is mounted on a Ferry machine arm (framework to accommodate direct head mount or bolted to a spider).
Capabilities Applied / Processes / Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Design
  • Designed using SolidWorks
  • Analysis of parting line position within process, with advisement  from Design Engineer and Operations Manager. Optimize part mold ability and minimize tool pieces.
CNC Machining
  • Machine Mold Component
  • Weld Components Together


CNC Machine

CNC Cut Tool

Steel Welded Framing

Overall Part Dimensions Framing Material:
1-1/4" Square Cold Steel Tubing
Material Used    Aluminum
Parting Line Type Tongue and Groove
Component Finish 330 Shot Peen
Special Features Large Amount of Varying Geometries

47 Insert Locations

5-Piece Tool

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed Parting Lines "clayed" to ensure all mating surfaces have a snug fit.
Estimated Part Weight 800 Lbs
Industry for Use Manufacturing-Rotational Molding
Product Name CNC Machined Aluminum Tool - Solution Tank

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